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Friends of Code of the West Outfitters:
We are looking forward to having you all with us this 2020 season. We want to allay any fears, as best we can, that you might have with regard to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Of course, none of us really have any control, but here's what we are doing "where the pavement ends".

Most important, we know that God has a plan, he created this land and he observes how each of us handles crisis and chaos.

Next, fresh air, open spaces, laughter, and being horseback are still the best medicine.

To date, there has been one death in the entire state of Colorado. Better-than-normal hand washing is considered to be the best preventative measure by the CDC and, of course, encouraging children and others to keep their hands off of their faces and on their ropes and reins.

We have, already, put into place many pre-cautions at the Lodge. Deep cleaning, tearing carpet out, sanitizing beds etc. Dawn soap and Lysol spray bottles will be in every tent at camp, as well as toilet paper, nothing new there.

If anyone knows how to survive and thrive, it's the crew taking care of you at COTW.

2020 Deadline for Big Game Limited License Draw Applications Big Game Limited License Draw Application Flowchart

At Code of The West Outfitters we specialize in providing personalized service and do our best to meet the individual needs of our hunters. While we cannot control the weather or the wildlife, we can control our service. You can expect 110% from your Code of The West Outfitters staff.

All of our guides, packers & wranglers are knowledgeable of our permit area. Our guides are friendly, courteous professionals who are medic first aid trained. Code of The West Outfitters is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Plan Ahead For Applying

2020 Big Game Limited-License Draw Application Deadline April 6th, 2020. Be sure to plan ahead and read the 7 Key Changes for Limited License Hunting Applications.

The Limited license big game application deadline will be April 6th, 2020. All application corrections must be submitted by April 6th, 2020.

Limited License Apps Now Paperless

Starting in 2018, all resident and nonresident applications for all big game (including bighorn sheep, goat and moose) and turkey will only be accepted online or by phone: 1-800-244-5613.

Important information

For more information on obtaining the correct hunt license refer to Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Hunt Big Game

Code of The West Outfitters is an authorized Permittee in the White River and Routt National Forests. Code of The West Outfitters is an equal opportunity service provider. All information contained within is subject to change without notice.

4 Year Average Success Rates

⚈ Guided - 95%
⚈ Drop - 65%

1st Rifle
⚈ Guided - 85%
⚈ Drop - 60%

2nd Rifle
⚈ Guided - 85%

3rd Rifle
⚈ Guided - 95%
⚈ Drop - 50%